What i do after matric

What i do after matric



From around the finish of my Junior School vocation, I was asked by family, companions, educators, and complete outsiders about what I needed to do when I grew up; what I needed to ponder after Matric.

Presently, having experienced childhood in a general public that enables one to dream about the future and has imbued in me that ‘I can progress toward becoming anything I need’, was a significant benefit.

It has been an incredible and magnificent learning venture for me since beginning secondary school and after that contemplating subsequently with as much help as I was given via minding family and companions.

Notwithstanding when I altered my perspective on what I needed to be multiple times all through secondary school and settling on where I would concentrate to accomplish those fantasies.

Tragically what I had neglected to see is that toward the finish of such a magnificent learning adventure of Secondary and Tertiary training was that despite the fact that I should need to be something and concentrate towards that objective/dream work… didn’t really imply that I would land that position… or even a vocation by any stretch of the imagination.

Presently, I’m not by any means the only one to have had this terrible arousing to what this present reality has available for naturally instructed 20-year-olds. A significant number of my companions, subsequent to examining, have discovered this out as well, just as new individuals that I meet each day appear to have discovered this badly designed truth.


Try not to misunderstand me, there are those individuals who have experienced unfathomably extreme occasions and have beaten the competition, yet they are the unique ones, they are the 1 out of a million, the exemption to the standard.

For another fascinating interpretation of the present condition of jobless instructed young people, read this article by Thabang “Abuti Rams” Ramoroka

So this all made me think, in the event that I can’t really get utilized in the field that I need in light of the fact that there simply isn’t an interest for it in the town/nation/landmass in which I lived, at that point what am I to do?

In the wake of perusing our Blog on the National Scarce Skills List, I was shocked.

Right off the bat… there’s a NATIONAL SCARCE SKILLS LIST? Goodness, I didn’t realize that, even now in 2014. I certainly wasn’t told about this in Matric in 2007. What’s more, I wonder why?

Shouldn’t educators and tertiary instruction establishments gear youth towards feasible occupations in fields that really have interest for gifted and prepared people?

So now I’m supposing what are these rare Jobs? I investigated and some of them are a greater amount of the bookkeeping/actuarial/science/building rehearses, however others are somewhat well… off the matrix.

Professions, that as a youthful matriculant, I didn’t know existed and, all the more along these lines, didn’t have the foggiest idea where or what to concentrate to have the capacity to apply for them.

On the off chance that I were told toward the finish of Matric in 2007, “You can ponder for a long time for your preferred profession, however you probably won’t get utilized, or, you can think about 3 years in a field that you may not be excessively intrigued by but rather you will get business a short time later.

” I wonder in the event that I would have still examined what I did? I wonder in the event that I would at present have been so determined to the fantasy and not understand the truth of joblessness and understudy advances?

Here’s only a little rundown of a portion of the additionally fascinating Job Titles that were genuinely off the framework from my own insight bank. Note: I have additionally included a few titles that I was simply too shocked to even think about seeing in the best 100 rare aptitudes list.

I mean for instance 8# Electrician? Presently I am clearly exceptionally oblivious in such manner. When you ask a little youngster where the milk originates from – they state the ice chest, when you ask me where the circuit testers originate from – I state the phonebook.you can visit this site for more knowledge 10th Class Result 2019.

Clearly this activity requires a huge amount of exertion in studies and comprehension of circuits – something I was extremely turned off about amid secondary school science. Super play on words there.

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