UOB i-Cash Personal Loan (UOB i-Cash) – UOB Bank (UOB)

In what capacity can the task offer individuals keen on financing?

Is viewed as a defining moment of One Stock Home. It is said that we were only a SME, where our site is only a retail facade of the home structure materials business. At a certain point we needed to enter the advanced world. So we need to have a colleague. With ability, for example, SCB and we want to raise assets to extend our business so as to address the issues of more clients Therefore, the source enables us to join the primary Digital Venture Accelerator Program with SCB. Also, got the speculation that was imported so as to build the capital for the organization Enabling the organization to develop all the more quickly.

From that point onward, what is the collaboration between the organization and Digital Venture?

We expect to bring our administrations that address the issues of clients to associate with SCB’s online clients. What’s more, we additionally get participation from the สมัครสินเชื่อส่วนบุคคล uob i cash, for example, the advertising group, SME group, Partnership group and Digital group. Can build up our administrations better and additionally Including utilizing Payment Gateway by means of SCB also

What bearing would you like the organization to create?

Presently our One Stock Home is an innovation organization. We are of the sentiment that in the structure materials industry, the turmoil and straightforwardness of data revelation are still huge. So we figured We would not stop at taking care of issues for Thai individuals as it were. In any case, we additionally observe that in neighboring nations that have a business domain that is near our home.

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