How to Avoid Being Conned When Playing Online Poker?

Gambling is a very enticing thing and apart from the interesting features the excitement when you win. Poker is a thing where you have to spend some money and you win too if you are lucky.

For this, you have to train yourself a bit and then you finally emerge into the field of gambling. The knowledge of playing poker is the only way which will guide you towards the win. However, while you are gambling online there are so many things you may not know and that’s the thing can lead you into a scam. You need to know the tricks to get out of any kind of online poker game scam.

The scams you may face in poker

  1. Ghosting

If you are playing Situs online poker, you may notice this too, which is called ghosting. This is a cheating technique in which a long-time player tends to advise a novice one. This thing can be done in various ways like the players can sit next to each other, using Teamviewer, or through Skype. This cheating system is known as ghosting. The most common part in this is the player asks their coach in a big tournament and especially on the important stage. Although this is a light cheating system, it still gives players an advantage.

  1. Multi-Accounting

This starts with an online poker player opening several accounts at the same site they are using. Here, players can then use these multiple accounts in the same tournament or cash game, giving them the benefits of seeing several sets of hole cards.

Also, you will see that online poker sites have rules against multi-accounting and they will ban these type of cheaters. Still, this is a big problem in the internet poker world.

The pros of using multiple accounts because they are not playing to let it know to other gamers and their competitors. However, it’s still against online poker rules

  1. Poker Bots

This is a kind of program which is designed to play online poker for a user’s account and this is automatic. The perks of bots are that the account owner does not have to play hands themselves, because they can just sit back and let their program do all the work for 24/7.

This is counted as an issue because, internet poker is meant to be played between humans, and not computer programs.

  1. Teaming Up

An unfair advantage can be gained if you form an online poker team. This is done in the cash games, or a tournament as well. After this, the team shares information on their social media platform such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, or through texts. Normally only two players can be considered an online poker team then again a team gains a larger advantage as they grow to three, four, or more players. If they win the team can then split the profits afterward.

  1. Trojan Viruses

If you have an internet device you must have heard the name of Trojan virus. These viruses allow somebody to see another player’s hole cards via screen-sharing software.

This means that the perpetrator will have to either know the player personally or break into their house.

How to Prevent Yourself from Being Cheated in Online Poker

Suspicious Play from Opponents

If you notice any kind of suspicious play from the opponent player, you have to look for things such as:

  • If the opponent always fold at the perfect moment
  • If he or she always gets the better of you in thin-value situations

There are also other things but look for these first. If this happens you need to report immediately.

Hand Histories

This is another way and here, you have to look for the hand histories. Here you will get a chance to see whether your opponent is making near-impossible reads against you every time. situs poker domino is very helpful at this point.

Report Suspicious Play

When you are researching the cheats on online poker, you need to check that you do not end up as the victim. If you feel that you have been created in the game, you need to report to the online site. To help you they will look at the matter and ban the suspected party.

To conclude you need to go through the reviews of the online gambling site first. If you see the records of the gaming site is right then you can go for it.

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