History’s Biggest Sports Betting Losses

Charlie Sheen

Charlie may not be a brilliant illustration for, well, anything. By one way or another, the man is profited. He was apparently rounding up $1.8 million for each scene on Two and a Half Men. The notorious on-screen character, inclined to the odd beverage and medications drinking spree, has likewise been said to have a slight betting issue. Ex Denise Richards guarantees that he routinely spent up to $200,000 per week on wagers. He was likewise supposed to be banded together with a games wagering site. Not certain he’s the best underwriting 먹튀검증

Paul Hornung

In his prime, Paul ‘The Golden Boy’ Hornburg was an expert American football player andindividual from four World Champion Green Bay Packer groups (that incorporated the principal Super Bowl win). Regardless of his popularity, he was suspended for the whole 1963 season for wagering somewhere in the range of $100 and $500 on NFL and NCAA recreations. Little money contrasted with the millions staked by the present principles, yet at the same time considered a group no-no.

Bryan “Birdman” Williams

Rapper (and clear Pats fan) Birdman as of late posted an Instagram including a $100,000 wager against individual rapper AR-Ab about the 2018 Super Bowl between the Patriots and Eagles. The wager later rose to $200,000 before the posts strangely vanished… The Eagles beat the Patriots 41 to 33.

After the match, AR-Ab posted an Instagram selfie of himself canvassed in real money, while Birdman’s posts had no notice of the wagered. The posts have since been expelled, and nobody knows without a doubt whether Birdman has paid the $200,000 misfortune yet. We’re certain AR-Ab wouldn’t allow him to overlook.

Pete Rose

Rose, the previous Cincinnati Reds player and supervisor, was the main MLB competitor in history to play in excess of 500 recreations in five unique positions. He likewise holds another record, which is a long way from complimenting.

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